The British government wants to create an “official NFT”! In addition, the stable currency will be included in the payment framework

According to CNBC, the British government announced that it would Mint non homogenous tokens (NFT), hoping that Britain would become a “world leader” in the cryptocurrency field. John Glen, Secretary of economic affairs of the UK Treasury, said at a financial technology summit that British Chancellor of the exchequer Rishi sunak had asked the state-owned mint, the Royal Mint, to create and issue NFT before the summer. “More details will be released soon,” he added
John Glen said that the NFT project in the UK is part of the government’s efforts to “lead the trend” in the cryptocurrency field. He also announced that the UK will take a series of measures to ensure that digital assets are subject to more rigorous regulatory review. These measures include:
Incorporate stable currency into the existing electronic payment regulations in the UK.
Consult countries that are supervising cryptocurrency (including bitcoin) transactions.
The legal committee is required to consider the legal status of “blockchain based community”, also known as decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
Check the tax treatment of decentralized Finance (DFI) lending and “pledge”.
Establish a crypto asset cooperation group, which will be chaired by the UK regulator minister and the management of cryptocurrency companies.
Explore the application of blockchain technology in debt instrument issuance.
John Glen pointed out that the British government is also paying attention to other trends related to cryptocurrencies, including the so-called “web 3”. He said:
At present, no one knows exactly what the future of web 3 will look like, but blockchain is likely to be an indispensable part of the development of web 3. We want this country to stand on the front line and look for the greatest economic opportunities.
As policy makers around the world began to carefully study the $2 trillion market, industry insiders have been calling on the UK to clarify its position on cryptocurrency.
The blocker reported last week that the UK Treasury officials have shown the willingness to “understand the cryptocurrency market” and the so-called “complexity of the stable currency”, and will announce the regulatory plan of the cryptocurrency market in the short term, focusing on the stable currency.
For a long time, UK regulators have taken an extremely strict attitude towards digital assets. Since August, 2020, the UK financial conduct authority (FCA) has only granted registration approval to 33 cryptocurrency companies, such as blockchain COM, b2c2, WireX and other companies have been forced to close their cryptocurrency business in the UK and transfer overseas due to failure to obtain regulatory approval.